How is a Mother like the Coronavirus?

I know, I know. This sounds like a ridiculously, insensitive joke...but hear me out.

We've all seen animated videos of how germs are spread from one person to another. An enormous sneeze that's caught between a few fingers and the atmosphere of an individual. Then, that person touches a doorknob, and every person that uses the door after, picks up the germs and begins spreading the contagious cooties to the next five folks. Then they infect another get it. You've seen it. We're living it.

On the flip side, it reminds me of the contagious power of a mother. Loving mothers spread love to the people around them, and that love has the possibility to penetrate deeply into another soul. With every kind word spoken, loving gesture taken and hug doled out, we mothers bring comfort to our homes and healing our hurting community. Our love guides, encourages and cheers on the children (and fellow moms) around us. We never know the depth of our loving power or its ability to carry on past the first individual we initially loved. We may not see its effects immediately, but a mother's love is potent. It's powerful. And its something only YOU can provide to your family.

I am here, fellow Moms, cheer you on in love. I send you my love. I envision our love together spreading, spawning and taking roots in the lives of our loved ones. In a time when so many things are out of control, I know I can always control who I love and how I love.

Don't you think a mother's love can cut through the anxiety of Corona? Have you ever been loved so deeply it brought you peace in a stressful season? I hope so. There's no better medicine for so many, many aliments.

So what do you do to intentionally spread love in your family?

How do you check yourself when things aren't feeling so lovely?

(We're all in this together, so don't be shy in sharing your tips and tricks!)

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