Ready to Help!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Who’s feeling uneasy about this coming school year? We’re just five weeks away from the first day of school, with many decisions to make in the meantime. “What model does my child need for our family’s health?“ “Which learning module will meet my child’s need for social interactions and academic rigor?“ “How can I establish a home environment that is peaceful and supportive to my child, and do my own work?”

I CAN HELP WITH THAT LAST ONE!!!! As an elementary public school educator for 20 years, a mom and one that is simply service-minded, I’m excited to help your family establish practices that set you ALL up for success. I’ll be sharing simple tips to help guide your parenting and home routines, as well as teacher-insights on how to approach academics and behaviors. I hope you’ll join me on this incredible journey of supporting parents and caregivers! We live in a wonderful community and it will only get better as we work together.

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